Biophysics of the Brain Conference

Virtual Meeting

01.03. - 02.03.2022

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The human brain is often referred to as the most complex structure in the universe. Cracking the underlying physical principles from which its function emerges has been a central element of brain research ever since the foundation of electrophysiology in the early 19th Century. Modern neuroscience uses and applies a number of biophysical methodologies and concepts.

The Biophysics of the Brain conference will bring together biophysicists and neuroscientists to discuss concepts underlying brain function such as membrane biophysics, diffusion of synaptic vesicles, ions, and neurotransmitters, chromatin architecture, and structural basis of the function of neurotransmitter receptors. The conference will put a strong emphasis on emerging methodologies with applications in brain research.

To encourage informal community atmosphere and foster synergistic and interdisciplinary collaboration, plenty of time will be allocated. The conference is limited to 120 participants and participants will be selected based on their connection to the conference topic and their statement of motivation and the abstract. A balance between researchers at all career stages is aimed at.